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HSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board: Despite the change in name, the Sylhet Board of Secondary Education is largely similar to that of other West Bengal schools. Yet it has a separate status. It is one of the biggest institutes in the country and one of the largest educational institutes in the world.

The Board does not deal with its own students. The students are sent to the same school like all the other schools of the state. Though they do have certain students from other districts, they do not train them to become teachers. Some of them attend online courses to improve their teaching skills.

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The Sylhet Board of Education is unique in many ways. It is a special institution, unlike the rest of the schools in the state. It is a state-run institution. The HSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board of West Bengal has been very clear on this.

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It is different from the rest of the schools of the state in that it has a higher primary education level. It even has an advanced secondary education level. It has separate administrative status. This can be explained by the fact that the government thinks that it cannot manage its own schools at all.

HSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board

That’s why it makes the educational institutes of the country so difficult to manage. It has poor internal governance. A good number of teachers are at the mercy of their superiors and vice versa.

hsc result 2020 sylhet board
hsc result 2020 sylhet board

The state educates a large number of students. It educates more than sixty thousand students. Though the student population is higher than that of the rest of the schools, the student population is lower than the rest of the institutions of the country. The Board of HSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board only enrolls eighteen percent of the students from the country.

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The students enrolled in the secondary education level have lower grades than the students of other state schools. Even students from the country have lower grades than other students. The national average is not much higher than the district average.

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The only merit the Sylhet Education Board has is that it tries to impart the best education possible. It has done this, even without a test or a CCE. Though the facilities provided by the state board to the students are better than those offered by the other schools, it still struggles.

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The schools of the HSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board are some of the best in the country. However, the problems lie in the curriculum and teaching skills of the teachers. In fact, most of the teachers have taught before and are good. They don’t bother about tests and CCEs and even try to teach students at the subjects they are very good at.

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Though the classroom capacity is good, the teachers don’t seem to have enough time to teach. Teachers cannot decide on the curriculum for the students, because they simply lack the time to do so. Teachers are not allowed to use their creative writing skills.

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The teachers of the HSC Result 2020 Sylhet Board simply spend less time working with the students, and more time focusing on their political homework. Some teachers even make the students stand for hours, just so they can study. Students from the lower castes are more prone to such practices. Even if the teachers are good, the end result is that they are not able to actually do their job. There is no accountability. There is no doubt that the school has good facilities, but it has not worked out well for the students.

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